Paul Gravett Consulting

Paul was excellent to work with and is incredibly detail-oriented with a wealth of knowledge in the non-profit arts sector. His insight and recommendations as to how we may best improve the operations of our public arts centre was invaluable and fine-tuned beyond just the regular, day-to-day workings of a public space. He gave his undivided attention to the task and I would highly recommend Paul.

— Client

As a consultant, I enjoy the challenge of working with nonprofit performing arts organizations that seek change, transformation and revitalization.

I am motivated to help you reach your potential and achieve the success you desire. I work with you to solve problems, answer questions and build capacities, so that you achieve the delicate balance of mission, value-added initiatives, sound financial practice, governance, and community-centred operations.

I help you reach success with years of experiences, inquiring investigation, and a lot of dedicated, hard work.

Thank you for viewing my website. I look forward to hearing from you.



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