Fanvocates and Millennials



No doubt you have some fans. These are the people who regularly attend your performances, retweet your tweets and like your Facebook posts. Perhaps they make annual donations or buy subscriptions. You know them to see them and you probably know their names by heart.

Your fans also are your advocates... or at least they could be with a little extra attention on your part.

More and more we are hearing about ‘advocate marketing’ or ‘customer advocacy’. In this edition of The Takeaway, we have a quick look at the concept of what I am calling the 'fanvocate'.

  • Discover new fanvocates in your social communities: Use HootSuite and other search tools for ‘social listening’. Find out who’s talking about you and say thank you. Don't be shy.
  • Identify opportunities for fanvocates to help: You don’t have to respond to or comment on everything. Why not invite some of your fans to do this for you?
  • Mobilize your fanvocates to do more: Come up with some fun and engaging ways to encourage advocates to do even more for you. How about awarding badges or points?
  • Tap into the synergies of advocacy marketing and social media: Everyone talks about word-of-mouth. Why not encourage it to new heights?
  • Give your fanvocates targeted communications: Develop a program around valuable opportunities with tailored messages.
  • Celebrate your fanvocates and give them a great experience: Help your fan base grow while avoiding attrition with recognition, awards and learning experiences.

The Takeaway?  You probably have advocates waiting in the wings. They are just waiting to be asked, and you know peer-to-peer advocacy is powerful. So why not consider developing a simple and manageable program to turn your fans into advocates?


Up to the minute: Millennials check their smartphones 43 times per day and most will view email on the day it was received.

Socially connected: Five out of six Millennials connect with companies through social media at a rate that outstrips newsfeeds, email and search engines.

Passing it along: Millennials will share six pieces of content via social media and five via email on a typical day.

Instantly gratifying: Millennials consider speed of response very important.

The Takeaway?  Get them onside with relevant and share-worthy communication and you just might find Millennials  among your influential advocates.

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