3 Questions to Launch Your Content Marketing Strategy


Communications can be daunting and confusing. There are some many options today, it is difficult to know where to start, and there is so little time sort it out and launch a marketing campaign.

But, with a little time and a little preparation, you can develop a content marketing strategy that will get you on your way and give your communications some focus.

QUESTION 1. Who is your audience?

We are selective when we talk with different people. We do not choose the same words and tone, and we filter our topics, when we talk with our mothers, partners and strangers.

Before you start writing, consider your readership – your target audience, your ticket buyers, subscribers, and donors. Are you able to describe this group? Would you say there is a general homogeneity? Do you know anything about their lives and personalities? Do you know what connects them to your company and your artistry?

If you are not able to describe your audiences in general terms, you should find out about them. Talk with them at intermission. Solicit their feedback and ask them to complete surveys.

Once you have an idea of your audience, your can explore the appropriate tone and wording of your communications.

TIP: Multi-disciplinary programmers and presenters may want to consider segmenting their communication lists and developing different tones.

QUESTION 2. What are you trying to achieve?

It is easy and obvious to say we want to sell tickets. But challenge yourself to think beyond this. Do you want to raise the profile for your brand? Do you want to build a community of loyal fans? Do you want a platform to assert your artistic vision?

A short list of objectives will go a long way to helping you develop a consistent tone and guiding the selection of your topics and themes.

TIP: Make sure your communication objectives are matched to your business and artistic output. If not, success will be elusive, and you are very likely to confuse your audience.

QUESTION 3. What is your unique position and value?

All artists believe they have something unique to say through their art. It should not be any different with your communications. Consider what sets you apart from all the other theatre/dance companies, actors and musicians.

Finally, consider the value of your communications. Are you simply adding to a world of over-saturated media, or are you adding something of value?

The Takeaway:

Before your start writing your communications, take a little time to think about your content marketing strategy. Make sure you know for whom you are writing, and why. Communicate appropriately with the right tone, words and stories. And finally, write from your unique perspective so that you add value to the conversation.

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