Redux Creativity: A Work In Progress


Yesterday, I put forth the idea to “take that brave step and use creativity to better our lives, our work, and the world around us.” Knowing that the future will come, we can, in fact, influence the world of tomorrow through experience, experimentation, divergent thinking, and a little hard work. Obviously primed with this in mind, there were a few words in today’s Globe and Mail’s Managing Books that caught my eye. The last entry of the six habits of successful digital firms was entitled, Innovation, not immediate gratification. The opening sentence read, “These firms (e.g. Facebook, Google) invest in products for the future, spending time on things that might not be used for many years.”

We all familiar with the magnitude and pace of innovation generated by the big tech companies. Just imagine if each of us dedicated just a little daily time and resource to our own personal research and development.

Now that truly would be bettering our lives, work and the world around us.



Source Reading: The Globe and Mail, Six Habits of Successful Digital Firms