Creativity: The Child Within

I have never been able to shake the feeling that, with the start of September, comes the start of a new school year. Although it has been years since I last saw the inside of a classroom,  I have decided to go back to school. Just yesterday I entered the virtual classroom for the second of three online courses: Creativity, Innovation and Change, a MOOC course presented by PennState.

What a surprise this one has turned out to be. I have never felt more like a kid, and more energized than when working through the required exercises.

What a fun and liberating experience it is to give yourself permission to make paper towers, and then share them with thousands of students around the world.

Next up was the creation of a Life Ring. With the  "master in the middle", you "focus on roughly 5-9 major life arenas where you will invest your time, with self, family, work, and community."

Now this type of exercise is not easy for me. I feel I know myself, but, the truth is, I have a difficult time articulating what I think I know. Nevertheless, I pushed ahead, quickly writing out my thoughts  before self-doubt took over.

We had been instructed to group our thoughts in neatly arranged compartments, as you can see from the side image.

Maybe it was because of my new-found inner-child, but I decided to be a little subversive and try something different and, perhaps, something more representational of my thoughts.

It may be messier, but it was fun, invigorating, and I felt infused with a bit of child-like creativity.

I highly recommend it--give yourself the opportunity to be childlike. You will very likely  be surprised with what you discover about yourself.